Our Process

01. Before setting any training scheme in place, we will together with you assess the state, nature of whatever is in place ab initio. The kind of background preparations already made and the probable projections of what is expected. This may come in form of human resources, financial resources etc. and also the place of technology.
02. Despite the importance of other phases, this seems to be the bedrock of an excellent training output. In this phase, we will set and establish:
  • What are the expectations of the training scheme,
  • How to achieve the expected ending and
  • The practical steps to take to arrive at each objective. Course outlines, the scale of assessment are few out of many tools we engage in defining are targeted goals for the training

03. Every training package we design includes an evaluation component. Not only do we evaluate your students' learning through testing and one-to-one assessment, we ask you and your student to evaluate us:
  • Did the training meet your expectations?
  • Did it solve a specific problem or problems?
  • What could we do better next time?

04. We develop training specific to your needs. We use an approach that respects the availability and learning styles of your student. This can include, attending in-class lectures and workshops, and engaging in business simulation games and role-playing. Once we have your training developed, we'll give you an opportunity to review it before implementing with your student.
05. When your feedback is incorporated, we'll establish a schedule for rolling out the training and set benchmarks for completion. Then, let the training begin!