Product designer & Sales

He is an architect by profession, a product designer and sales man. He has been privileged to have worked both as a resource person and trainer, His level of creativity in product design and knowledge of shoe-making as serve as a platform on which the team thrives. As a pace setter, he’s the head of the team.

AFOLABI Olubukola

Fashion designer

She is a fashion designer with a wealth of experience over the period of 8 years. She has trained so many through the fashion house which she is privileged to head. Her works over the years speaks for themselves and they range from bridals, evening wears, to contemporary styles etc. A disciplinary with a eye for perfection.



He is an entrepreneur who specializes in shoe-making, leather wares etc, a trained cobbler with wealth of experience in leather application and the likes. A good communicator and trainer.


Fashion designer

She is a fashion designer and garment maker with a contemporary approach. She’s blessed with wealth of experience both within and outside the hemisphere of Africa and this gave her an in-depth knowledge of fashion as it pertain to ladies.