Leather Works

The leather industry is one of the most lucrative industry in the world today and it has produced an enormous income and revenue for nations or societies that took advantage of this trade.

Despite its vast potential to generate incomes, very little is said and known of its diversification – which can most times be acquired through skill acquisition training- among the adult group.

The relevance of leather work cannot be overemphasis especially among youth who are looking to start there own businesses. Its application ranges from tanning business, shoemaking, bag making, artifacts, to mention a few of its potentials.

Our institution has established itself in this area both as a trainer and leather product maker, we are equipped adequately with a vast team who possess in-depth knowledge in skill and business orientation of the trade.

For further inquiries on how to register for training; please contact us by emailing; fh@khakisole.com or call +234-8149594400